Here’s my latest children’s book – actually a re-publication of ‘Titanic 2020′ with (I think) a great new cover.   This edition is only available from me, and not at the moment through traditional bookshops. Drop me a line if you’re interested in a copy.

Now – how did I get started writing for children?


Oh yeah….


Writing started out as a hobby – but when it becomes your day job things change. It`s the best job in the world, but you don`t always feel like doing it every day. You have to, though, because the mortgage has to be paid, you have to eat, you have twenty seven women in a variety of ports to support.

Writing these entitle's books was like going back to the days when writing was just a hobby – they were written purely for fun, and really as a means of showing my son what I actually did for a living. He`s too young to read the Dan Starkey books or watch the films, but he loves his books.

Seemed like a good idea. Now he`s my editor. He points out my foul-ups, and says, `Daddy, parents aren`t going to buy this book if you use that bad language.` On the plus side, he`s the only editor I can send to bed without supper if I disagree with his opinions.

The trilogy of `The Gang With No Name` is finished now, but I`m talking to publishers about doing other children`s books. Watch this space! Or that one, over there…


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